Contract Staffing

Utilize our expertise to identify, select, and hire contract talent aligned with your project requirements or manage unexpected workloads.

Solutions for Contract and Project-Based Staffing​

Lab Talent Advisors are skilled in providing Scientific and Laboratory Professionals to augment permanent teams and engage contract technical experts for project-based work. Our talent advisory contract staffing services enhance productivity and minimize resource gaps. Our costs are temporary in nature that start when the project begins and ends when completed. Companies leverage our professional solutions to manage fluctuating talent needs. Our contract strategy allows organizations to handle peak workloads with professionals who have the skills and experience to meet demand.

We Strive to Provide Exceptional Service and are Dedicated to Delivering it.

Lab Talent Advisors understands the challenges that come with finding and retaining professional scientific talent. Our team is committed to finding candidates who have the right skills and experience and fit into your company’s culture.

Fast Track Your Talent Search

You can count on our team of skilled Talent Advisors to consistently identify the ideal candidate.

Our extensive network of professionals ensures we connect you with candidates well-suited to your needs. Whether you need to fill a short-term role or require additional staff to meet demand, our flexible contract staffing solutions provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals without the long-term commitment of traditional hiring methods.

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Our Search Process

Lab Talent Advisors has meticulously refined our search process, crafting a proven methodology that yields quality results. Our foundation is set in our dedication to process optimization and data analytics, guaranteeing precision and excellence in every talent placement we make.



Search Initiation


  • Assess client organization and job position

  • Meet with key client constituents

  • Confirm core competencies for the role

  • Develop search plan

  • Execute research

  • Establish and measure weekly search KPIs and metrics


Identify & Develop

Identify & Develop Candidates


  • Initiate candidate outreach and qualification assessment

  • Situational and competency-based interviews

  • Develop and prioritize top candidates

  • Review search KPIs with client and analyze results



Qualify Candidates


  • Continuous candidate recruiting

  • Situational and competency-based interviews

  • Conduct detailed check of references around critical competencies

  • Review search KPIs with client and analyze results



Candidate Selections


  • Establish candidate meeting

  • Debrief competency evaluation and leap assessment results with client

  • Review feedback to determine finalists

  • Conduct in-depth referencing around critical competencies and background checks

  • Offer negotiations and candidate counseling

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