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Our Talent Advisors have over three decades of experience sourcing and securing talent exclusively for Industrial & Consumer Goods organizations. Our expertise extends across various domains, allowing us to offer tailored solutions for your Laboratory, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Procurement, Project Management, and other professional teams.


Vacancies in key positions give rise to a range of setbacks, encompassing heightened workloads on current staff, project delays of critical importance, and overlooked prospects for innovation.


Lab Talent Advisors will enhance your recruitment processes by applying a proven, data-driven approach to talent acquisition. We utilize a consultative methodology to connect you with exceptional talent.

Featured Specializations


Engineering & Data

Regulatory & Compliance

Maintenance Technician Placed for Global Silicates, Silicas, and Derivative Products Provider
Our Talent Advisors filled a Maintenance Technician role to serve as an essential aspect of production by troubleshooting issues with manufacturing equipment and performing preventative maintenance to maintain smooth and efficient plant operation.
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Business Advisory

Looking for the right-fit LIMS, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, or other business-critical platforms? Our team of experts has you covered.

Digital & Technology

Messina Group’s Business and Digital Transformation experts will help you create operational efficiencies and drive more revenue.

Talent Management

Tap into our 40+ years of experience in people, process, and technology to solve your strategic talent management challenges.

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