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Lab Talent Advisors is focused on helping clients build their best teams to maintain long-term success and accelerate their growth. Our Talent Advisory experience runs deep, with our industry experts possessing decades of experience that span a wide variety of industries.

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Our Specializations

We leverage our expertise to minimize your hiring risks. From recruitment and screening to extending and negotiating offers, our Talent Advisors are here to assist you in finding the top talent for your team.


Our team has developed a profound understanding of the unique demands and intricacies of the Chemical industry, allowing us to identify and recruit top-tier talent. Our comprehensive knowledge of Chemical disciplines, industry trends, and regulatory requirements enables us to provide tailored staffing solutions that drive innovation and growth for our clients. Our commitment to excellence and deep passion for the field makes us a trusted partner and the premier choice for Chemical staffing solutions.


We bring a specialized understanding of the challenges and opportunities recruiting in the Food Manufacturing space. Our talent acquisition expertise extends across various roles, from sourcing skilled Food Scientists and Quality Control Specialists to recruiting seasoned Production Managers and Supply Chain Experts. We have honed our skills in identifying professionals across various facets and our deep industry knowledge ensures we find the right talent to drive innovation, uphold food safety, and meet regulatory demands. Partner with us to optimize your workforce and excel in this competitive market.

Lab Management

Our team specializes in identifying and recruiting Lab Management talent with the expertise and leadership skills necessary to optimize performance because we know finding the right Management professionals is essential for the success and efficiency of any lab. Whether you require experienced Laboratory Directors, Supervisors, or Managers, we are committed to connecting you with individuals who meet your technical requirements and align with your organizational values. With our tailored approach, extensive network, and diverse industry experience, we can find the Management talent to ensure that your lab runs smoothly, adheres to industry standards, and contributes to your scientific and business objectives.

Engineering & Data

As a strong team of Talent Advisors, we excel in identifying and placing top-notch professionals across various engineering disciplines. Our expertise spans from Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineers to Software Developers and Project Managers. Our deep industry knowledge and network enable us to provide staffing solutions that enhance project success and organizational growth. As a trusted partner in talent acquisition, we’re dedicated to helping companies thrive by building exceptional engineering teams.


Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of Quality Control and Quality Assurance across various industries, allowing us to find the right candidates for your organization. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so our approach includes taking the time to understand your specific needs, culture, and objectives and match you with professionals who not only meet your technical requirements but also align with your values and goals. Our extensive network includes talented individuals with proven track records in quality, who we meticulously screen to ensure they bring expertise, innovation, and a commitment to your organization.

Regulatory & Compliance

Our team can help you navigate the complexities of hiring highly specialized Regulatory and Compliance professionals and secure the expertise you need to maintain compliance, manage risk, and drive success. We recognize that every organization has unique challenges, so our approach is flexible and customized to your specific needs – ensuring you get a professional who aligns with your industry and organizational goals. Our extensive network of professionals can bring a wealth of experience to the table and make an immediate impact on your regulatory efforts.

Research & Development

Our extensive experience and industry knowledge make us a trusted partner for organizations seeking to add R&D talent to their team. We specialize in identifying and placing professionals across a wide spectrum of research and development disciplines. Our customized approach ensures the right fit for your organization and our team is dedicated to connecting you with individuals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking solutions. Whether you need Scientists, Engineers, Analysts, or Project Leaders, our network boasts a pool of highly skilled candidates ready to contribute. Let us help you elevate your innovation efforts and drive your organization’s growth.


In the fast-paced world of healthcare, having the right Medical and Clinical professionals is essential for providing exceptional care and achieving operational excellence. Our team understands the demands of the healthcare industry and is focused on recruiting the best Medical professionals, including Physicians, Nurses, Technologists, allied Health professionals, and Administrative Staff. We’re committed to finding candidates who meet your clinical requirements and align with your organization’s values and culture. We are dedicated to helping you maintain the highest standards of care, achieve regulatory compliance, and provide your patients with positive experiences.

Project Management

Lab Talent Advisors understand Project Management deeply and excel at delivering qualified Project Coordinators, Program Managers, and Business Analysts to help you achieve your business goals. With our proven approach, we find the right leaders for your projects, ensuring they meet objectives efficiently, on time, and within budget. 

Our Search Process
Lab Talent Advisors has meticulously refined our search process, establishing a proven methodology that consistently produces high-quality results. Our foundation rests on a commitment to process and data analytics, ensuring precision and excellence in every talent placement we make.



Search Initiation


  • Assess client organization and job position

  • Meet with key client constituents

  • Confirm core competencies for the role

  • Develop search plan

  • Execute research

  • Establish and measure weekly search KPIs and metrics


Identify & Develop

Identify & Develop Candidates


  • Initiate candidate outreach and qualification assessment

  • Situational and competency-based interviews

  • Develop and prioritize top candidates

  • Review search KPIs with client and analyze results



Qualify Candidates


  • Continuous candidate recruiting

  • Situational and competency-based interviews

  • Conduct detailed check of references around critical competencies

  • Review search KPIs with client and analyze results



Candidate Selections


  • Establish candidate meeting

  • Debrief competency evaluation and leap assessment results with client

  • Review feedback to determine finalists

  • Conduct in-depth referencing around critical competencies and background checks

  • Offer negotiations and candidate counseling

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